2 Station Spa Series

As guests enter this private, 2-Station restroom trailer they are struck by the warm, comfortable surroundings. The soft music and clean, well-lit interior provides a pleasant atmosphere where they can escape from the crowd and enjoy a few moments alone.


Styles and products can vary by style and color.


Capacity: Up to 200 Guests LED Lights inside and out
Mirrors, lights, and paper towels
Private rooms
Hardwood floors
Women's Suite Men's Suite
Length: w/ tongue 15’ Waste Tank 275 gal. 1 flushing toilet 1 flushing toilet
Hot/cold fresh water
Flushing toilets
Self-closing metered faucets
Hands free, efficient flush toilets
Fresh Tank 200 gal. 1 sinks/mirror 1 urinal
Air conditioned/Heated Requires Two 110v 20 amp Outlets Water Supply: Garden Hose 1 sinks/mirror