6 Station Cottage

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Capacity: Up to 500 Guests Temperature controlled heating and air conditioning WOMEN'S SUITE: MEN'S SUITE:
Length: 18' with Tongue Waste holding tank capacity: 500 gallons 2 porcelain restrooms with full privacy stalls 1 porcelain restroom with full privacy stall
Flushing toilets Hot hand wash water 200 gallon freshwater tank 1 sinks with hot water 3 porcelain waterless urinals
AM/FM/CD player Recessed lighting Roomy private areas 1 sinks with hot water

Restroom Capacity

  • ¬†1000 gallon waste tank
  • 200 gallon fresh water tank

Note: This restroom trailer arrives on your site fully stocked. Connections necessary for complete operation are 1/2 inch city water supply via a garden hose and one (2) 30 amp 110 volt power connection. (Licensed electrician recommended.) Includes hardwood floors, Mirror, AC/heat, hot/cold water, and lights.