7 Station Deluxe

Fully functioning 7 station restroom trailer with men's and women's sides with non-slip floors.


Styles and products can vary by style and color.


Capacity: Up to 500 Guests Fiberglass partitions
Mirrors, lights, and paper towels
Textured non-slip flooring
Length: 24' With tongue Air conditioned/heated 3 flush toilets in individually enclosed stalls 1 flush toilet in an individual stall
Hot/cold fresh water Flushing toilets 700 gallon Waste tank
200 gallon freshwater tank
2 China sinks in Filon cabinetry with mirrors 3 porcelain urinals
Requires Three 110v 20 amp Outlets Water Supply: Garden Hose 1 China sinks in Filon cabinetry with a mirror

Restroom Capacity

  • 700 gallon holding tank
  • 200 gallon freshwater tank

Note: This restroom trailer arrives on your site fully stocked. Connections necessary for complete operation are 1/2 inch city water supply via a garden hose and one (1) 30 amp 110 volt power connection. (Licensed electrician recommended)

Service is scheduled to meet individual event needs