Special Event Wheelchair Accessible Restroom

Always Remember: 1 Wheelchair Unit per every cluster of restrooms!


Styles and products can vary by style and color.


Forest Green colored restrooms blending nicely with outdoor settings Large tissue dispenser with more than an adequate supply of tissue paper Well-vented to reduce any odor Height - 91"
This spacious wheelchair accessible portable is easy to move, transport and definitely provides users with room to maneuver Inside door latch for privacy Tank - 35 Gallon Width - 62"
Occupancy indicator and interior lock Outside door lock capability allows restricted personal use Floor Area - 915 Sq. Inches Depth - 62"
Interior Safety Bars Non-slip floor provides user safety Door Opening - 32" Weight - 250 lbs


Restroom Capacity

NOTE: Unit style and color may vary, our fleet carries several styles. Please inquire.