Wedding Flushing Restroom


White colored restroom, blending nicely with outdoor weddings Occupancy indicator with easy-to-use interior No unpleasant sights or odors (WASTE IS NOT VISIBLE) Well-vented to reduce any odor
Includes vanity area with fresh water sink, mirror, soap, paper towel dispenser, and toilet. (Note: there is no urinal) Hygienic hands-free operation (flushing operation by foot pump) freshwater operation run by foot pump No need for additional water storage
Uniquely designed interior allows for enormous space inside 15 gal. capacity water supply provides approximately 135 - 160 uses before service required Inside door latch for privacy
Fully flushing toilet Unique bowl design for easy accessibility Non-slip floor provides user safety

Styles and products can vary by style and color.


Height - 91"
Width - 47"
Depth - 47"
Weight - 243 lbs.
Door - 76" x 25"
Floor - 47" x 21"
Tank - 40 Gallon

Restroom Capacity

40 gallon holding tank accommodates approximately 135-160 uses without service. SeeĀ Special Event Planning Guide