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The history of the portapotty in Beloit, OH

It is unlikely that you learned about portapottys in the dusty lecture halls of your alma meter. But everyone must go at some point, and you are unlikely to spend your entire life near the poshest restrooms. So, some helpful information on the history of the humble portapotty might come in handy on your next outing or when planning an event.

At the dawn of time, human’s relieved themselves like the animals. Fast forward and mankind made some advancements in toileting. The great outdoors or your favorite bucket was traded in for an outhouse or indoor plumbing. But it wasn’t until World War II that the portapotty hit the scene. It was developed and used by the armed services for aircraft carriers. While better than hanging your tushy over the ocean, the early portapotty was not popular. It was made of wood and metal – therefore heavy, difficult to clean, and terrible to smell.

The early portapotties eventually were improved upon to increase their user friendliness and longevity. Early attempts to improve the portapotty included using fiberglass to decrease the weight and make them easier to transport. Sadly, the fiberglass portapottys would break easily and absorbed odor’s easily. Later attempts with polyethylene portapottys were far more successful because they were more structurally sound and built in pieces so broken parts could be replace. The switch in building material made it possible for a portapotty to last more than ten year but still be light weigh enough to be easily delivered and handled. The last major improvement was the development of deodorizing liquid which cut down on the smell.

Now there are even further advances in portable restrooms which provide all the comforts of a brick and mortar bathroom. Often built on a trailer for easy transport, the more modern portable restrooms can hardly be compared to the portapottys of old! They have running water and electricity! This makes them easier to keep clean and use.

            In conclusion, the portapotty has transformed from a sweatbox of stench to a proper restroom as comfortable as one inside of a building. Should you need a restroom trailer rental in Youngstown or Beloit OH, remember to contact us today!


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