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ARIS RENTALS is Northeastern Ohio's leading provider of portable restrooms ("porta potty" if you will), restroom trailers and amenities.

We provide quality, clean porta potties to facility your next event.  Whether it's a wedding, an outdoor athletic event, or a seasonal sporting league, ARIS RENTALS provide the appropriate facilities for your patrons, as well as the maintenance needed to maintain a clean, fresh environment.  We provide not only standard sized restrooms, but handicap portable units as well.

If you have a construction site, ARIS RENTALS should be your first call!  Our large selection of restroom trailers is top rated.  Additionally, we can provide portable units designed for set up in the upper floors of high rise construction sites.

If you are looking for a portable restroom for your next event or construction site, don't spell it "porta potty", "portopotty", "port-a-potty" or "port-o-potty".  Just spell it "ARIS".  Call us today at (800) 347-3778.

A Requirement At Your Next Event

We've all been to events where there simply weren't enough portable restrooms set up to handle the crowd.  Working with ARIS RENTALS, this won't be the case.  Not only do we supply the portable restrooms for your event, but our team will work with you to ensure you are properly supplied with enough units or trailers to handle your anticipated crowd.

In addition to providing porta potties for your event, ARIS RENTALS can supply your event with the "forgotten amenities". Portable Sinks, hand sanitizers, lighting and locks are all available from ARIS RENTALS.

Ever been at a concert or sporting event at night and gone into the nearest porta potty only to find it completely darkened?  At ARIS RENTALS, we take these kinds of situations into consideration and offer Port-o-Potty lighting.

Don't leave your guests in the dark at your next event!  Plan now to supply your next event with portable restrooms from ARIS RENTALS!

Ready For Any Event

When you are planning your next event, the proper planning for portable restrooms can be the difference between your guests enjoying their time with you or walking away from it as a bad experience.

Regardless of if you are planning a beach volleyball tournament at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, a weekly youth football league in Aurora, or are setting up a construction site anywhere in the Cleveland / Akron area, it's critical that you plan accordingly for the comfort for your patrons, participants or workers.

Don't wait another minute!  If you are planning an event or construction project in Northeastern Ohio (As far north as Cleveland, south as Canton, west as Sandusky and east as Conneaut), CALL US TODAY at (800) 347-3778.  We're standing by, and ready to provide the comfort your patrons or workers deserve!

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Welcome To ARIS RENTALS - your PREMIERE Portable Sanitation Source in Northeastern Ohio!

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ARIS RENTALS became a partnership through the combined efforts of Mike, Tami & James Skolaris. It has built a strong and enviable reputation for providing portable sanitation for work and recreational areas. It has been called a family-owned business for obvious reasons and also because of it's "family" of customers and employees.

At ARIS RENTALS, we believe our success to be attributed to the hard work of our employees, the vision of our partnership, and the outstanding customer base we have built over the years. We do not claim to be the largest in the industry, but rather the best. This means we continually introduce new products and technology in the sanitation industry which protect and maintain the health, well-being and dignity of the public when permanent restroom facilities are not available. Our pledge is that we always put forth our best effort to provide the highest quality of products and services available.

Image:  portapotty, port-a-potty, portable restroom, event facilities, portajohn, port-a-john, Aris RentalsARIS RENTALS is the premiere provider of portable restrooms (or, "porta potty" as it's most commonly known).  We offer a wide assortment of portable restrooms, handicap restrooms, restroom trailers and all the necessary accessories needed for creating a comfortable environment for your patrons or guests.  For many people that plan events, be it a sporting event or a long term construction project, one thing that is commonly missed in the planning is the scheduling of restroom facilities.  Not having adequate restrooms for your staff or customers will almost always guarantee a bad time for all.  At ARIS RENTALS, we not only provide the highest level of modern, clean and professional portable restrooms, but we also help you plan out your requirements to ensure that your event is outfitted properly.

We provide:

  • Guaranteed Weekly Service on your assigned service day.
  • The highest level of customer service accompanied by a full suite of portable sanitation products.
  • Satellite Tracking (GPS Global Positioning System) to ensure all services are completed on time.

Our long term of quality service has provided a loyal customer base which has made ARIS RENTALS the first name for portable toilets within this region. We are grateful to all our customers and look forward to continuing to serve your portable sanitation needs!!